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A Minimally-biased Philosophy of Life: Testable predictions

Question: What material substrate might implement continuous 3-D priors in brains?

My hypothesis: A brain uses a nanoscopic meta-material I dub simulatrix (Elastic Nanocomputation). Simulatrix would possess a few specific properties:

  1. Be a mesh-like matrix between, inside, and interpenetrating neurons, possibly containing resonant elements.

  2. Conducts soliton-like pseudo-elastic waves through 3-space with relatively low loss at variable velocity. (Thanks to Tom Weaver of Livermore, who pointed out that only a true meta-material could conduct waves at velocities slow enough to implement the needed computations; pressure waves in water move far too quickly).

  3. Interact electro-chemically with neurons, so that synaptic release initiates spherical waves (like blast-waves), and high-amplitude waves trigger neural spikes.


  1. Discover experimentally a sub-neural substrate with those properties
  2. Show that neurons within a cortical layer, e.g. visual layer IV, have 3-D travelling-wave correlations in their spiking patterns.
(Micro-tubules have been suggested for other computational functions; perhaps they might serve here).