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A Minimally-biased Philosophy of Life: Testable predictions

Question: How can the net amount of entropy on earth be decreased? (cf. Asimov's The Last Question)

My hypothesis: The Second Law of Thermodynamics (In a closed system, entropy increases) does not apply to earth, which is an open system. Rather, the presence of self-replicating DNA creates an apparently opposite relation (See Elastic Nanocomputation in an Ideal Brain, end-note 26), which I dub the "Minus-second Law":

At any scale, in a system rewarding coherence, entropy decreases.

Test: Pick a given scale of coherence-amplification, such as self-replicating patterns, and a reasonable metric for diversity (i.e. entropy) within it, such as:

  1. small: RNA, DNA, "kingdom" (bacteria, eukaryota, archaea)

  2. medium: species, ecological niche, body layout

  3. large: ethnic group, language, agricultural method, multi-national corporation, nation-state

The Minus-second Law predicts that diversity will decrease at that scale over historic time.

Refutation: Illustrate an example in which the progress of life increases entropy.

(It is my impression that every type of diversity yet quantized--genetic diversity, biodiversity, linguistic diversity, agricultural diversity etc.--has monotonically decreased. I leave the final word for the experts.)