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A Minimally-biased Philosophy of Life: Site Policies

This is a personal website. I will update it on my own time, in my own way, for my own reasons. In general I would like to build it out from the top down (i.e. mathematical principles first, neuro-mechanics later).

I will do my best to correct errors and inconsistencies in the current live versions, and will do my best to keep the current structure as long as possible.

I will do my best to write with equal clarity about all relevant topics, whether easy or challenging, popular or taboo.

I will also do my best to provide periodic archive digests and a change-log, to make history and updates easier to track.

Since I am offering this material to the world at large, it is in the public domain for personal use. I also grant permission for re-posting, provided the material is kept intact to keep coherence (I regard mis-representation of ideas as a particularly venal intellectual sin). In particular, mirroring is welcome.