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A Minimally-biased Philosophy of Life: Physics perspective

I am the son of two physicists and one myself. This theory first appeared on the physics preprint site ArXiv as Elastic Nanocomputation in an Ideal Brain. The theory, in the manner of the still-mythical physics "Theory of Everything," aspires to accommodate (if not predict and explain in detail) every aspect of its subject smoothly. To do so, this theory resorts to simplifications as extreme as "spherical cows" (e.g. "cylindrical torsos"). After all, smooth simplifications, like splines, compress information efficiently, whether in cartoons or in brains.

This section represents work done with Criscillia Benford. It re-explains several well-known principles from computer science, physics, and engineering to emphasize their natural coherence and self-consistency. The most basic axioms come first. The links can be read in order as a coherent unfolding of the biophysical theory.

Biophysics topic
The symmetry, topology, and thermodynamics of representation
Computational metrics: Resolution, Trust, and Bandwidth
Vibratory proprioception
Continuous spinal models use geodesics and virtual muscles
Reference frames and eigenspaces
Modular computation
Resource distribution for directed spines
Humans as communicative bipeds
Theory direct to application