Marion's 40 years of Almanac articles

Bill Softky's verse for Marion, 8/2/09

Year Article Description Cover?
1978 A Dream Fulfilled SF Bay National wildlife refuge COVER
1978 Bill Nahmens Growing up in the 1920's COVER
??? Back To School At Searsville-The Fall Of 1878 Searsville School 1878 no
1979 Thrills And Splashes Rafting Down The Stanislaus Cover
1974 History Revived In Book 1878 "History of San Mateo County" Cover
1975 Water Water Water Water ...may be running out soon Cover
1976 Nobel Prize Winners New Building Block Physicist Burt Richter discovered particle Cover
1979 Oil How Will It Affect The San Mateo Coastside Offshore drilling? Cover
1979 Proposed Oil Tracts Local drilling? Part II no
1978 Psychic Research Stanford Physicist Investigates That Unknown Dimension William Tiller and Kirlian photography Cover
1971 Robert Of Woodside Ad Porterhouse $1.69/lb no
1979 Saved By The Bell Edgewood College Site Will Be A Park Interior Secretary rescues parkland Cover
1979 Saved By The Bell Edgewood College Site Will Be A Park Interior Secretary rescues parkland Cover
1977 Scotch Cattle Provide Meat Alternatives Eva Blum herding Cover
1971 Skyline Drive Shows Beauty Problems Development pressure on scenic ridge Cover
1977 Surcharges Bring Howls Of Protest Drought fees climb and bite Cover
1978 To Russia With Physics Mixing Science With Housekeeping In The Soviet Union Cover
1985 Buffalo Barons Of Menlo Park Growing up in the 1930's cont'd no
1982 Continuing A Tradition A Woodside Estate Four generations on Fleishacker estate COVER
1987 Cotswolds Are A Walker's Paradise England's pretty district no
1989 Digging History On Easter Islan Extinct civilation's environmental collapse Cover
1984 Doug Engelbart Inventor Of The Mouse invented in the 1960's Cover
1981 Dowitchers Take A Dip Local birds go swimming Cover
1987 Dramatic Torii Marks Woodside S Unique Art Colony Woodside's unique art colony Cover
1987 Endangered Species Life or death for Caltrain Cover
1989 Estate Sale Recalls Eccentric Philanthropist George Whittell had wild animals Cover
1985 Founding Mother Recalls Early Days Of Environmenttal Movement Claire Dedrick founded Peninsual Conservation center Cover
1986 Grand Dame Of Dressage Kyra Downton and horses Cover
1984 Growing Up Royal In Imperial Russia Czar's nephew Cover
1983 Happy 50Th Birthday View from the top of the Golden Gate no
1985 Horse Round-Up In Downtown Woodside Riders converge no
1980 How Will Stanford Put It All Together Grand land plans Cover
1984 Hunting For The Quark SLAC's physicist Helen Quinn Cover
1986 It Was 80 Years Ago This Friday Wshen The Earth Shook Menlo Park 1906 quake Cover
1980 Koko Comes To Skyline Nut Lips To You "Talking" gorilla interviewed Cover
1986 Kyra Downton Artist In Wood And On Horseback Olympic rider sculpts horses no
1985 Linden Towers Was His Home James Flood's childhood in old mansion Cover
1984 Ray Spangler Courthouse Reflections Local reporter's reflections Cover
1985 Raychem Founder Is Still Its Head Paul Cook runs high-tech plastics firm Cover
1984 Remember The Russian Revolution Romanovs remnisce no
1982 Retired General Seeks Nuclear Freeeze Homer Boushey once flew rocket-plane Cover
1981 Roy Kepler Unarmed Soldier Bookstore founder activist Cover
1985 Buffalo Barons Growing up in the 1930's COVER
1984 Shacky The Team Pony Bridled City Staff Drive-by pony dropoff no
1981 Slews In Slough View New Smew Birdwatches wait their tern Cover
1982 Soldier Monk Teacher Lange English-let legend Cover
1986 Surviving In Menlo Park Mike Bedwell managed Menlo Cover
??? The Lady On Thestagecoach Fainted Old-timer Jim Rapley's yarn Cover
1980 The Menlo Atherton Band Aims For Europe Prize-winners to play Montreaux Festival Cover
1982 The Old Corral Quiet Now Old-timer Jim Rapley's yarns Cover
1985 Then And Now Menlo Firefighters since 1918 Cover
1984 Once Royal Romanovs Growing up in the Czar's family Cover
1984 Princess Natalya Escapes A royal child escapes the Russian Revolution no
1989 Probing The Chemistry Of Life Arthur Kornber's Nobel Enzymes Cover
1996 Dutch Hallett Remembers Turn Of The Century Woodside Old-timer remnisces Cover
1997 Goodbye To Usgs Geological Survey ordered to move Cover
1991 Curbing Urban Sprawl Athertonians fight cities' spread Cover
1999 Heart Of Matter SLAC probes particles Cover
1993 How Right Was Einstein? Francis Everett tests Relativity Cover
1997 Celebrating Open Space 25th year anniversary for Open Space organizations Cover
1990 Conservation Coup Phleger Estate near Woodside almost preserved COVER
1991 Enormous But Not Biblical Geophysicst David Harlow at Mt. Pinatubo no
1997 New Puc Member Energy Is The Main Concern Conservationist Claire Dedrick Cover
1992 Its Wildflower Time Mabel Crittenden teaches children Cover
1997 Japanese Paper Dolls Masako Ishida makes Edo-style classics no
1992 Jasper Ridge Comes Alive Dorothy Regnery tells local stories no
1999 Joe Quilter Retired admiral guards local trails Cover
1994 Roy C Bookstore founder activist Cover
1997 Fiber Factory Skyline woman raisess alpacas Cover
1998 Floods Of 98 Landslides and flooded homes Cover
1990 Is Global Warming Real Art Lachenbruch finds borehole temprature paradox No
1995 Lives Of Commitment Henry and Ollie Mayter on geology, conservation Cover
1991 Local Family Challenges Himalayan Peak Menlo Smiths to Ama Dablam Cover
1994 Memories Of August Schillings Spectacular Hillside Home Spice Baron estate Cover
1991 When Logging Was King Ken Fisher's mini-museum Cover
1998 Old Time Cowboy Harry Conley ran cattle for 50 years Cover
1996 One Room Schoolhouse Portola Valley building to be restored Cover
1995 Passion For Parks Preservationists Bill and Jean Lane Cover
1991 Peninsulans Get Vip Treatment On Air Force Tour In-flight re-fueling a B2007 Cover
1992 Radar From Space Finds Ancient Center Of Frankincense Trade Sandy "sin city" Cover
1997 Restoring Our Creeks Steelhead trout down the block? Cover
1998 25 years of Jaspar Ridge Biological preserve oasis COVER
1998 Splash First-descent of West-China rapids Cover
1997 SRI At 50 What Next Local research institution Cover
1995 Star Neighbor Diplomat Ambasador Shirley Temple Black Cover
??? Strange Events Foretell Earthquakes In China Dr. Wallace's omens Cover
1998 Sunset Past And Present Local lifestyle mag turns 100 Cover
1992 Three Decades Of Saving Landscape Aitken, Roberts, and Committee for Green Foothills Cover
1995 Earth Day 95 Cover
1998 Time Flies Stanley Hiller's aviation museum Cover
1992 Tracking The Myth Of Atlantis Menlo couple studies Santorini Cover
1992 Twenty Years That Charged The Peninsula Open Space district saves land Cover
2003 Blind Looking For Et Physicist Kent Cullers COVER
2007 Building Hope: Local charity "Hope House" run by the Service League COVER
2000 Building The Internet Bob Taylor guided internet creators COVER
2008 Business Goes Solar Edison Tech Park has 2388 solar panels Cover
2004 Carr On Mars Giuding Martian rovers to water Cover
2005 Doctors & Diversity Hannah Valantine, Stanford Medical Professor Cover
2002 Celebrating The Bay Craig Breon works to restore the bay Cover
2002 Changing The Future Three conservation organizations on the Peninsula no
2000 Computer Visionary Wins National Medal Doug Engelbart invented the mouse Cover
2000 Crusader For Nature Martin Litton defends redwoods, rivers COVER
2009 Far Away Places Dr. Susan Anderson visited 150 countries Cover
2006 Fighting Weeds Stopping invasive species Cover
2007 Ears And Animals Dr. Burt Brent makes sculpture, and new ears Cover
2001 Earth Day 2001 Another Earth Day anniversary Cover
2001 Beyond Pills Tom Okarma and Geron regerate failing organs COVER
2002 3 Green Anniversaries Three conservation organizations changed the Peninsula COVER
2008 30 Years Of Saving Open Space Retiring general manager of POST COVER
2003 From Axes To Steam Donkeys Ken Fisher logged redwoods Cover
2008 From Linfield Oaks To Saudi Arabia Charles Everson designed for the desert Cover
2006 Genes And Nobel Prizes Run In The Family Roger Kornberg wins big prize no
2001 Ghosts Andes Stanford team probes pre-Inca temple Cover
2000 Hog Wild Marauding pigs devastate mountain landscapes Cover
2000 Menlo's History Book Arrives At Last Controversion local history Cover
2000 Mission Of Love Jim Burklo and Urban Ministry Cover
2006 New At Slac From Dark Matter to Archimedes Cover
2002 OICW Works Job-training center Cover
2008 Patagonia Plus Hiking the South American "alps" Cover
2007 Post At 30 Protecting open lands Cover
2007 Power 2 People Pedal-powered generators to Nepal Cover
2000 Questioning The Fate Of Searsville Dam Demolish for free-running stream? Cover
2004 Saving Cradles Of Civilization Jeff Morgan and the Global Heritage Fund Cover
2002 Stanford Trails Stanford Trail bait-and-switch Cover
2003 Three Slices Of History Local books on WWII, computers, history Cover
2003 Timber-R-R Wall St's Ken Fisher tells of logging Cover
2002 To The Ends Of The Earth Polar geologist Art Ford Cover
2001 Tracking Original Californians New research on 8000 years of natives Cover
2007 Tracking Roots And Rains In Yucatan Family roots in and on Mayan relics Cover
2001 Visionary Ideas Doug Engelbart invented mouse, word-processing, hyperlinks Cover
2002 Water Will we fix our supply before the next earthquake? Cover
2003 Woodside Mystery House "Why Worry" robber-baron mansion Cover
2000 Yarns From Skyline Old-timer Jim Rapley tells all Cover