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A Minimally-biased Philosophy of Life: Site/Author/Family

My younger brother Ed was a genius, having a patent while in high school (on a system for remotely measuring hundreds of sensors through three wires). He learned electronics before I did, and we collaborated on technological pranks like TV jammers and hot-wiring the high school announcement system. Once we collaborated, we got along wonderfully, and our spiritual interests matches as well. He even attended the same college as me (Haverford), and we were lab-partners in physics my senior year, working together on reviving an ancient high-vacuum system. He was killed by a drunk driver while living a nearly-saintly Buddhist life in Vermont. I miss him.

My daughter Sophia and son Benjamin are barely adults. I love them too much to summarize their lives in my words.

My wife Crisi is among the most mature, loving, wise, kind, sensitive people I know. Certainly the most brilliant. We are matched extremely well in many ways. I won't summarize her life in print either.